Our Team

Sean HarrenSean Harren
Director of Operations

Sean Harren serves as the Director of Operations and Admissions for The Retreat of Broward. For many years, Sean has worked in residential drug and alcohol treatment centers and medical detoxification, always with the singular focus of facilitating quality care for each patient and offering support and communication with loved ones.

Sean understands that navigating and finding quality treatment providers without a map or a guide can be daunting. The urgency and complexity of many admission situations also requires efficient and compassionate communication. Sean’s years of relationship building and experience have created a vast understanding of clinical and medical programming, logistics, insurance and financing options in an ever-changing marketplace. He brings all of this expertise to The Retreat of Broward to make the journey a little less arduous for those who are ready to seek help and their support system.

Beyond his direct responsibilities to The Retreat of Broward, Sean has dedicated himself to the advocacy of addiction recovery and to make a difference in the local community, such as facilitating fellowship meetings in the Broward County jails.

Sean’s aspiration to be a Certified Addiction Professional is almost complete as a student at the Academy for Addiction Professionals. His clinical certification will add to his value to the dynamic leadership team at The Retreat of Broward. Sean graduated from the Miami-Dade Medical Campus and practiced as a Licensed Optician for many years before entering the addiction recovery field.

Noga Behar, BA, MS, LMHC
Clinical Director

Noga Behar graduated in 2009 from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In 2013 Noga achieved a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling at Carlos Albizu University. Noga has been working in the treatment and psychology fields since 2009. She also has experience working with children with disabilities and behavioral problems. In 2012 Noga began working with underprivileged adolescents with addiction problems. Her work included Individual Therapy, Crisis Intervention, and Emergency Counseling. Noga continued her journey in the mental health/substance abuse field when she became a Primary Clinician, where she provided Individual and Group Therapy as well as assisting individuals in their recovery transition into the community. Throughout the years she continued growing in the field as the Program and Clinical Director at Rise Again Recovery and Wellness, in Miami, Fl. Noga will work with every client vigilantly, and help them fight their addiction. Her compassion and her empathy allows her to treat individuals struggling with for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. At the Retreat of Broward, as the clinical director, Noga understands every individual is unique and will provide every client a purposeful and therapeutic approach as they shift into a new journey in their lives.

Mary Ann Merola, RN, CD, CRRN
Director of Nursing

Mary Ann graduated from Bowling Green State University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She began her career at The Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, where she first became interested in the field of addiction. She began working in the Substance abuse field in Lake Charles, Louisiana before moving to South Florida 25 years ago. She brings more than 30 years of experience working with substance dependent and dually diagnosed patients. In addition, she is an enthusiastic and dedicated supporter of the Cleveland Browns.

ed-walshEd Walsh
HR Director/Utilization Review Coordinator

Ed Walsh completed his addiction treatment certification at The Academy for Addiction professionals in Fort Lauderdale, FL and is currently a Certified Addiction Counselor also filling the roles of UR liaison, case coordinator and discharge specialist at The Retreat of Broward.

Mr. Walsh has many years of experience in the field of addiction, including marketing, treating, and coordinating services for those who are affected by substance abuse and mental illness. Mr. Walsh brings compassion, patience, knowledge, and firsthand experience to his work. He has helped many to achieve and maintain successful sobriety. Ed Walsh is also active in the Rockers in Recovery program and brings his musicianship to our treatment center, skillfully demonstrating how creativity, passion, and fun go hand in hand with successful recovery from addiction. We are fortunate to have him on our staff.

Cynthia Simon, BA, MS
Primary Therapist

Cynthia Simon is a Family Therapist Intern. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of Central Oklahoma, a Master of Science in Logistics from Georgia College, and a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.
As a therapist Cynthia has experience working with youth and adults providing individual, couples, family, and group therapy. Her passion lies in substance abuse where she takes an individual and systemic approach to understanding the issues associated with diseases of addiction. Her compassionate and non-judgmental approach has prepared her for empowering individuals in crisis and high conflict situations while they work to become functioning individuals in the community.
At the Retreat of Broward Cynthia is passionate about helping others in their individual recovery journey. She provides case management services when necessary, facilitates group and individual sessions, and helps assist with clients’ needs upon admission and discharge.

Sheena Ross
Registered Nurse

Sheena is a registered nurse and is caring and compassionate with all of our patients here at The Retreat of Broward. Sheena has been a practicing, registered nurse in the clinical setting for over 20 years. She graduated from the University of Miami at Jackson Memorial School of Nursing with her Diploma of Nursing in 1992 and Miami Dade College with her Associates of Science in Nursing in 1992.

Angela-EarleAngela Earle

Angela became interested in substance abuse treatment after witnessing her Aunt recover after 10 years of alcohol, cocaine, and sedative abuse. She entered the area of addiction and psychiatric care shortly after her nursing graduation in 2006. She offers over 10 years of specialized nursing care treating patients afflicted with alcoholism, drug abuse, and psychiatric illness. Angela ensures a safe and effective, medically monitored detoxification for all acute patients requiring close supervised care. She is also knowledgeable about treating a wide range of medical issues, especially those frequently associated with substance abuse patients, such as Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis, HIV, Diabetes, Hypertension and also Wound Care. Angela has lived in South Florida all her life and when she is not caring for her patients at The Retreat of Broward, she is doting on her two young children.

Bruce Williams
Transportation Specialist

Bruce Williams is our transportation specialist. Bruce has been in recovery for 12 years. He has a bachelor’s in business administration and graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Bruce enjoys helping others who are struggling with addiction.

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