Licensing and Accreditations

When looking for a detox center, it is important to consider whether or not the center is an accredited treatment facility. Facilities that meet DCF and Joint Commission standards have demonstrated their commitment to being among the best detox facilities in the world.

Accredited facilities also have higher standards than state licensing requirements. This means that all detox techniques are research based and executed by professionals who meet the guidelines of the accrediting bodies.

At The Retreat of Broward, we strive to provide each of our patients with personal and specialized treatment of the highest standard set by the following National Accreditation Organizations.

The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission, formerly known as JCAHO, is one of nation’s largest accrediting body for medical facilities, hospitals and drug addiction rehabilitation programs. They are an independent, non-profit organization who are focused on creating a unified set of standards that ensure patients receive the highest quality service available. Part of the Joint Commission’s goal is to inspire health care providers to exceed the accreditation standards.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF)

The DFC is committed to protecting vulnerable children and families with mental illness or substance abuse disorders by ensuring they receive the appropriate care, treatment and recovery. Their primary aim is to provide a comprehensive system of prevention and treatment services for individuals and families affected by substance abuse. They also strive to promote the safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of the affected families and children.

The Retreat of Broward Staff and patients follow the CDC guidelines for wearing a mask, hand washing regularly, and social distancing in all aspects of treatment. Patients and staff are confidentially tested if CDC signs/symptoms/temperature are present. We practice strict preventative measures.