Flakka Detox Program in Broward County

Flakka is a relatively new synthetic drug, similar to bath salts, said to be as potent as methamphetamine, with an even higher tendency for addiction development. Flakka provides the user with increased energy and a sense of euphoria.

While there may be no significant physical withdrawal symptoms from the use of flakka, there can be significant psychological distress including depression, paranoia, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and cravings. Frequently, abusers of Flakka and other stimulants including Crystal Meth, Cocaine and bath salts neglect to care for themselves, and begin to feel run down and experience depleted physical motivation. Because withdrawal can be a taxing process physically and mentally. The Retreat of Broward provides ample opportunities for rest and healing in addition to leisure activities such as movies and interactive games. Catered meals are provided and healthy snacks as well as fresh fruit are available throughout the day.

The Retreat of Broward starts with a comprehensive evaluation of each patient. After this initial assessment, the patient will be medically detoxed in a manner designed to reduce excessive discomfort and to preclude medical complications.

Our clinical team, led by a licensed clinician, develop individual treatment plans and they facilitate short educational and discussion groups. An important part of clinical services is to develop a discharge plan which provides the patient with opportunities to further their journey into lasting recovery.

The Retreat of Broward provides ongoing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week under the guidance of a medical doctor and supervision by licensed nurses. Additional assistance is provided by trained behavioral health technicians. Patients are also assigned an individual substance abuse therapist upon admission with whom they are able to develop individualized treatment plans and appropriate discharge and aftercare plans.

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