Cocaine Detox Program

Cocaine, commonly known as coke, is a powerful addictive stimulant drug made from the leaves of the coca plant. Although some health care providers can use it for certain medical purposes, cocaine is an illegal substance. As a street drug, cocaine can look like fine, white powder, or whitish rock crystal (crack).

Cocaine increases levels of the brain’s dopamine by preventing it from recycling. This causes excessive amounts of dopamine to build up between nerve cells, which ultimately interrupts the normal communication in the brain and causes cocaine’s high. The high achieved from cocaine is short lived, leaving the user feeling restless, depressed, exhausted, and with unpleasant, vivid dreams and intense cravings. While cocaine dependence is a challenging addiction to overcome, recovery is possible with proper treatment,

Our cocaine detox program offers a safe and comfortable environment where individuals struggling with cocaine addiction can stabilize from withdrawal symptoms in a safe, drug-free setting. Patients undergo a comprehensive health assessment necessary for our staff to establish an effective treatment plan suited to their needs.

Individual treatment plans and clinical services are designed to assure that each patient has an optimal opportunity to enter long term progressive recovery.

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