Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction Treatment The Retreat of Broward

Cocaine, commonly known as coke, is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug made from the coca plants leaves. As a street drug cocaine can look like fine, white powder, or whitish rock crystal (also known as crack cocaine). Cocaine increases levels of the brains dopamine by preventing it from recycling. This activity causes excessive amounts of dopamine to build up between nerve cells, ultimately interrupting regular communication in the brain and causes cocaine’s high. The high achieved from cocaine is short-lived, leaving the user feeling restless, depressed, exhausted, and with unpleasant, vivid dreams and intense cravings. While cocaine dependence is a challenging addiction to overcome, recovery is possible with proper treatment. 

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Our cocaine detox program in Pompano Beach, FL offers a safe and comfortable environment where individuals struggling with cocaine addiction can stabilize from withdrawal symptoms in a safe, drug-free setting. Patients undergo a comprehensive health assessment necessary for our staff to establish an effective treatment plan suited to their needs. Individual treatment plans and clinical services are designed to assure that each patient has an optimal opportunity to enter long term progressive recovery from addiction to cocaine. 


Tara R.

Would recommend this detox to anyone needing help! The place is nice and clean. Couldnt have asked for such a better place to come to . The staff is amazing. They really do care. ❤

Lexxi L

The Retreat of Broward is DEFINITELY the BEST detox I have EVER been to, hands down. If you are in the need of detox Come Here!! The staff is amazingly supportive and your symptoms of withdrawal are taken care of soon after admission and is managed properly throughout your stay to ensure you are comfortable right through til discharge. MK is an amazing case manager who helps with any outside issues from legal issues to aftercare plans and everything in between. Adam is a lead tech who was able to calm me down during my outbursts and keep me safe in detox multiple times when I wanted to leave and use. Q is also amazing- I call her 'The Addict Whisperer' as she speaks to us clients on a level that we need during this process. I recommend The Retreat to everyone I meet. I only have positive things to stay. We go on outings that help get us out to getting our nails done and the movies. If you are trying to pick or decide on a detox this is the one.

Kayla S.

I would recommend The Retreat of Broward to anybody who is looking for help & wants to get sober. The staff is amazing and always helpful. Q & Michelle go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable here and I know if i ever needed someone to talk to they are there for me. If you want to get clean and have a better life, this is the place to come! 🙂

Gannon S.

The staff is very welcoming and positive. Very clean facility and well run. If you are in need of detox I would highly suggest going there. I would recommended to any family or friends.

Whitney P.

I've been a client here a few times, its absolutely wonderful, I refuse to go anywhere else for detox. They've taught me so much in my recovery process, sent me to the best treatment centers possible. The staff is indescribably amazing, to the BHT's, nurses, head staff, therapist & directors. They have done even as answered my calls at 4 in the morning and got me flights in an hours time. I'm so blessed and thankful to have found The retreat of Broward. If you are searching for a detox THIS is this place! I love you retreat! Thank you for everything!
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